We have a large roster of experienced panel and team of national and international consultants along with team of enumerators for data collection all over Pakistan. Short description are given below of our core team:

Monitoring and evaluation

  1. Mr. Zubair Faisal Abbasi (principal consultant and executive director)
  2. Mr. Uzair Ahson (economic analysis, entrepreneurship and market analysis expert)
  3. Dr. Salman Qazi (public health programme expert)
  4. Dr. Arif Azad (public policy expert – disaster management, social protection)
  5. Ms. Shirin Gul (anthropological qualitative research expert)
  6. Mr. Bilal Hasan Khan (social statistics expert)
  7. Mr. Atif Sheikh (disability and inclusion expert)
  8. Mr. Asish Subedi (Food security, climate change and international trade – Nepal)

Social and market surveys – statistical analysis

  1. Mr. Bilal Hasan Khan (social statistics)
  2. Mr. Maqsood Khan (statistical analysis)
  3. Mr. Ahsan Abbas (associate on economic quantitative analysis)
  4. Ms. Farhat Khan (enumerator supervisor – Punjab)
  5. Mr. Ghulam Rasool (enumerator supervisor – Sindh)
  6. Mr. Maqsood Jan (survey coordinator – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  7. Mr. Khurram Shazad (enumerator – Baluchistan)