IMPACT Research International (IRI) specialises in development policy research, evaluation studies and impact assessments, capacity assessments, and various kind of surveys. It also provides capacity development services. It works with the national and international social, private, and public sector firms and institutions. It maintains a high quality of professionalism in managing and delivering assignments and projects. The organisation has  a core team of experts alongside a large pool of consultants related to the services IRI offers.

IMPACT Research International has sectoral expertise and interest in the public policy and programmes and works with various development actors and stakeholders. For this purpose it has launched engagement exercise through network development of interested individuals and organizations: The key areas of policy interest are given below :

  1. Economic policy with emphasis on trade and industrial development strategies; and,
  2. Social policy with emphasis on education, health, labour, micro-insurance, climate change, disaster management, and social protection; and,

With accumulation of experience, forging alliances, and team building, IMPACT Research International is increasingly active on the international development scene and also vigorously  using engagement strategies with parliamentarians and international development players to build national capacities for supply and demand of evaluation programmes. These efforts are primarily aimed at supporting evaluation for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Engaging with the Private Sector

IMPACT Research International,  to be an effective player, combines research, management, and training resources to work at the community level development planning and execution to national, regional and global policy development and analysis. It also develops tailer-made solutions for the private sector organisations who need support in social media marketing, corporate social responsibility strategy and action plan, and strategy for business growth and scaling up its operations. In addition, we provide market intelligence support for marketing and product development.

In addition, we provide communication and engagement strategy development services for the development and public sector organisation.

Since businesses are the lifeline of any economy and they are centres of innovation, job creation, and they convert savings into investments, we work with the private sector on the following:

  1. Support for Market Intelligence;
  2. Support for Enterprise Development and Business Strategies;
  3. Providing Social Media Marketing; and,
  4. Development of Corporate Social Responsibility Portfolios.

“IMPACT Research International is a member of the e-Pact consortium, led by Oxford Policy Management and co-managed with Itad. The e-Pact consortium secured a place on DFID’s Global Evaluations Framework Agreement (GEFA) in September 2016″