Some publications for the development sector are given below:

Analysing Industial Policy Focussing Development Focussing Development Focussing Development Focussing Development
Analysing Industrial Policy  of Pakistan Focussing
Volume 1
Focussing Development Volume 2 Focussing Development Volume 3 Focussing Development Volume 4


More Research Studies and Discussion Papers
» Developing a Disaster Insurance Framework for Pakistan: Demand Assessment. [Fact Sheet]
» The role of Central Banks in supporting economic growth and creation of productive employment: The case of Pakistan by Dr. Asad Sayyed and Zubair Faisal Abbasi for ILO
» Strategic Research into National and Local Capacity Building for DRM: Pakistan Fieldwork Report
» Citizen’s Report on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Pakistan 2011-2012 Complete Report | Cover
» Focusing Development Vol. 4, 2011
» Focusing Development Vol. 3, 2010
» Focusing Development Vol. 2, 2009
» Focusing Development Vol. 1, 2007-08
» Research on ‘Corporate Farming in Pakistan’ for Oxfam GB
» End of project study ‘Cash for Work’ in South Punjab for Plan International
» Significance of Budget Accountability for Social Justice (published by Action Aid, Pakistan)
» Federalism, Provincial Autonomy, and Conflicts (published by CPDI with support from FNF)
» Analysis of the Political Economy of Industrial Policy of Pakistan: The Role of the State as Entrepreneur and Conflict Manager
» The Effects of Trade Liberalisation on Economic Performance and Income Inequality – 2008
Development Comments

» Regional Cooperation in Big Data by Zubair Faisal Abbasi, for Trade Insight, SAWTEE, Nepal.

» The Political Economy of Food Aid in South Asia: Lessons from Pakistan by Haider Khan, Project Assistant, Impact Consulting, for Trade Insight, SAWTEE, Nepal.
» Towards a Green Economy in South Asia by Rehan Ali, Project Assistant, Impact Conmsulting, for Trade Insight, SAWTEE, Nepal.
» Going for the Goal
» How bad is a bad loan?
» What needs to be done for equitable economic development?
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