Organisational Profile

IMPACT Research International (along with sister company IMPACT Consulting) has worked with significant and premium development players such as UNDP,  International Development Center of Japan Inc. (IDCJ), Earnest & Young (France), Transtec (Belgium), Plan Pakistan, United Nations University (UNU) and Munich Climate Change Initiative (MCCI), SUNGI Development Foundation, UNIDO, ILO, FAO, MSI, OPM, Oxfam-GB and a host of other national and international development organisations.

Memberships: IMPACT Research International is a member of the e-Pact consortium, led by Oxford Policy Management and co-managed with Itad. The e-Pact consortium secured a place on DFID’s Global Evaluations Framework Agreement (GEFA) in September 2016. It is is an observer member of the Pakistan Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (DRR Forum) which is a professional group of national and international not-for-profit humanitarian and development organizations. The organisation is also coordinating with EVALSDG group and foresees increase in the level of engagement. IMPACT Research International is member of IOCOM (International Organisation for Collaborative Outcome Management) and holds Country Representative Office for Pakistan.

Our previous projects are listed below:

Previous Projects

Gender and Social Development 

  • Gender-based Violence: Survey and Programme Design for UNWOMEN. [Summary Findings from the Survey]
  • Gender Analysis of Micro-insurance Framework for Pakistan’s Micro-insurance Fund.
  • Research study on ‘Overcoming Gender Discrimination: Protecting the Right to Maternal and Child Health in Pakistan’ with Save the Children, UK.
  • Research study ‘Home-based Workers: Nowhere to Hide’ for the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) and Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, Islamabad. Funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Public Health and WASH

  • Ex-post evaluation of JICA’s polio eradication project (Phase I).
  • Evaluation of “Urgent Rehabilitation Project for Sewerage and Drainage System in Lahore” in association with International Development Centre of Japan (IDCJ).
  • Evaluation of “Project for Improvement of Water Supply System in Faisalabad / Project for Expansion of Water Supply System in Faisalabad” in association with International Development Centre of Japan (IDCJ).

Humanitarian Assistance, Climate Change and Disaster Management

  • Evaluation of National Humanitarian Network (NHN);
  • Evaluation of European Union’s ECHO project in Pakistan in association with Earnest & Young (France) and Transtec (Belgium).
  • First ever household level survey on weather insurance (micro-insurance to cope with climate change related stresses) in Pakistan for United Nations University, Germany.[Download Report][Fact Sheet]
  • Evaluation of Cash for Work programme after floods of 2010 in South Punjab for Plan Pakistan.
  • Research for Oxford Policy Management on disaster management related capacity building institutional dynamics in Pakistan – a case study of One UN Disaster Risk Management Programme (DRM).

Food Security and Agriculture

  • Assessment of food security related agriculture development projects of Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Pakistan for Oxfam GB. This was focused on “Sindh Coastal Community Development Project” in Thatta and Badin.
  • Data collection support for Food and Agriculture Organisation for evaluation of knowledge products on food, livestock and natural resource.
  • Research study for Oxfam GB on ‘Corporate Agriculture Farming and Small Farmers’.

Governance, Economic Growth, Trade, and Development

  • Assisted research “Cross-line of Controlled Trade: Peace building and economic potential” for Coalition Resources.
  • Capacity Assessment for Trade and Manufacturing Sector of Samoa for UNDP and the Government of Samoa Island.
  • Technical assistance to GDSI for evaluation of International Growth Centre (IGC) of DFID.
  • Questionnaire design consultant for a knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) study on rule of law and access to justice with Apex Consulting Pakistan for UNDP.
  • Questionnaire design and survey on Micro-insurance for Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCCI).
  • Position paper for the Economic Affairs Division (EAD) on Aid Effectiveness in Pakistan. The UNDP Pakistan office commissioned the paper.
  • Research on the development role of the State Bank of Pakistan with ILO Geneva and Collective for Social Science Research.
  • Research-based booklet on ‘Significance of Budget Accountability for Economic Justice’, for Action Aid Pakistan.
  • “Federalism, Provincial Autonomy, and Conflict’ research and four seminars with the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI), Islamabad.
  • Research study on ‘Formation of District Governments and Devolution of Power Process’ for Action Aid Pakistan.

Education and Skill Development

  • Curriculum development and delivery for students of SZABIST Islamabad, Iqra University Islamabad on economic development, disaster management, industrialization in less developed countries, and human development and capability approach.
  • Skill Development Needs in FATA and KPK: Survey and Survey Report’, the study was funded by DFID.
  • Training of journalists on election reforms and reporting with Intermedia and DRI/EU.
  • Training of journalists on agriculture and health reporting with Internews.