Network of Evaluation Specialists (NES)

  • The main purpose of the network is to provide a platform to professional evaluators for networking, promote the profession of evaluation among the young professionals, engage with parliamentarians, and help share experiences and knowledge of the evaluators amongst themselves. NES is also a platform to advocate for the use of evaluation knowledge and evidence for policy decisions both in the public and private sector. Main focus of the group is “building national capacity for evaluation of SDGs”.
  • In this connection, IMPACT Consulting is in contact with EvalSDGs and developing close working coordination with the international group. Primary focus is to strengthen national capacity for SDGs evaluation.

If you are interested to become part of NES, please send email to with expression of your interest.

IMPACT Sports 

IMPACT Consulting has taken this initiative to harness potential of sports for social and economic development. At the current moment, we are engaging athletes and coaches and organising events to promote tennis specially the women tennis. We are working with Pakistan’s best players and coaches at the moment.

Twitter: @IMPACTsportsPk